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XII International Symposium: Chemical Research at the Border Region

Wellcome to submission page of the "XII International Symposium: Chemical Research at the Border Region":

Oral and Poster presentations
Languages: English and Spanish
The number of oral presentations is limited by the space of the event; we will make a selection of the papers submitted to this modality.

Last Submission Deadline: September 30, 2021

Please Select just one Topic (1-6) and one Presentation Option (PL, IL, O, P) in the submission page.


1. Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
2. Macromolecular Chemistry, Materials and Funcionalization
3. Electrochemistry, Environmental and Analytical Chemistry
4. Physical Chemistry, Solid State and Theoretical Chemistry
5. Nanochemistry, Nanomaterials and Supramolecular Chemistry
6. Inorganic, Organometallic Chemistry and Catalysis

Presentation type:

Plenary Lecture
Invited Lecture

Work Extenses must be submitted using the TEMPLATE of the event saved with the name of first author and ID submission with .docx format only. The extension of the manuscript must be 3 pages including Tables and Figures with the next suggested content: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and methods, Results and discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgments, and References.

We will not accept submissions without template file or in other formats (.pdf, etc).


Review and Program Committees:



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